Create a song on Djaminn in 16 steps – Best Beginners Guide

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to create a song on Djaminn, right from registration to sharing your completed song.

Djaminn Start a song

Open the Djaminn App to Create a song on Djaminn

Launch Djaminn on your device.

Register to create a song on Djaminn

Choose Your Favourite Music

Select Instruments You Play

This helps in matching you with songs that need your skill set. For instance, if a song requires vocals or a bass-line, Djaminn will know if you are likely to be interested!

choose the instrument you play to create a song on djaminn

create a song on djaminn by pressing record

Create a Song on Djaminn

On the timeline, can start creating a song on Djaminn: press the red record button at the bottom-middle.


In the four-track mixer, click on the ‘+’ symbol on any of the tracks to start recording a new track with your microphone and video. You can also upload pre-recorded material or add a beat.

This button is the start of adding yourself

create a song on djaminn with headphones

Use Wired Headphones

Djaminn recommends the use of wired headphones for an optimal audio experience, helping you create a song on Djaminn with clarity and without feedback.

Camera Framing when you Create a song on Djaminn

When creating a song on djaminn, make sure you are framed correctly

The countdown to creating a song on djaminn


Press the record button to begin. Firstly the app counts you in before recording starts. This is a 2 bar (8 beat) count-in. Check out the guide on performance to get the most out of your recording.

Save to Mixer

When you press the record button again, it stops recording. You can Re-record if you felt it wasn’t to your liking, or proceed by saving to the mixer.

You can retake until you are happy when you create a song on djaminn

Make your mix perfect in Djaminn


Back in the mixer, you can listen to your recording in loop mode. In addition, check out “Recording audio for music videos” for getting the best sound in your recordings.


Next, choose from the range of effects, to get the sound you want.

Sound Great with the Djaminn app

Add new tracks to make a complete song on Djaminn

Record Additional Tracks to create a song on Djaminn

You can record another track alongside the first one by pressing on another plus. Now you are layering your sounds, and creating a song!


Once satisfied with your tracks and their effects, press publish. Next, add a name for your song and give a brief description. Additionally, state what kind of music you’ve recorded and what you’re seeking (e.g., a bass-line).

Publish your song on Djaminn and share with the world

Djaminn saves your songs onto the cloud


First, we save your work to the cloud, so it is available wherever you go. Next, this can take up to a minute. Finally, when it is done, you will see your song on the timeline and in your profile.

Share Your Song

The final step in creating a song on Djaminn is to share your song with your friends and invite them to contribute. In other words, you can collaborate with others to create a truly unique and special piece of music.

Share your song with the world with Djaminn

Overall, Djaminn’s integration of video is a valuable addition that makes the music creation process more creative, engaging, and emotive. In addition, here are some additional thoughts on the benefits of integrating video into the music creation process:

  • Video can help to communicate the overall vision for a track. When you can see the video, you can get a better sense of the mood, atmosphere, and energy of the track. This can help you to collaborate more effectively with other musicians and producers.
  • Video can help to inspire creativity. Seeing other musicians perform can be a great source of inspiration. When you can see the video, you can get a better sense of their techniques and style. This can help you to develop your own unique sound.
  • Video can help to promote your music. When you share your music with video, you can give your audience a more immersive experience. This can help to increase engagement and reach.

We believe that the use of video in the music creation process is a trend that is here to stay. As technology continues to develop, we will see even more innovative ways to use video to create and share music.

First, let’s start by opening the Djaminn app.

Secondly, you’ll need to register to create a song on Djaminn.

Then, you’ll choose your favorite genres.

After that, you’ll select the instruments you play.


To do this, you can either press the red record button or click on the ‘Start a new track’ banner.

Once in the four-track mixer, you can click on the ‘+’ symbol to start recording a new track with your microphone and video.


Once you’re happy with your recording, you can save it to the mixer.

When you’re finished, you can publish your song and share it with others.

In addition, Djaminn stands out for putting video into the heart of its collaborative tools. This adds a dynamic and engaging element to the music creation process.

Overall, Djaminn is a valuable tool for musicians who want to create and collaborate on music.