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Get to know the individuals who bring their unique experiences and insights to the Djaminn team, driving innovation in the global music creation and collaboration space.

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CEO and Founder of Djaminn
CEO Founder

Marc Kubbinga

20 years successful Visual Effect entrepreneur, with HecticElectric Amsterdam. Winning numerous awards for international work. A visionary leader of the Djaminn team, Marc is extremely goal orientated, and only sits back when the results are achieved. Djaminn is his passion, and an absolute moral belief that this app should be made.

Corporate Strategy and Co-Founder Djaminn
Corporate Strategy/Co-Founder

Jasper De Rooij

One of Netherlands most successful self made VC investors. Jasper made his name with the start of SIM only company SIMPEL. After 10 years he made a successful exit, and is now one of Netherlands biggest real estate investors. Jasper is also involved in many Start-ups, and involved in the board of directors. A co-founder, Jasper has is a committed member of the Djaminn team, responsible for the corporate strategy.

Jodie Reynolds - Cofounder

Jodie Reynolds

Jodie is a co-founder of this project and a passionate music enthusiast. She has been involved in the app’s development from the very beginning, offering valuable insights into user experience and ensuring that every detail is carefully considered. She is driven by the strong belief in the app’s potential to bring people together through music.

Joe Broadbent Creative Director of the Djaminn Team
Creative Director

Joe Broadbent

With a natural talent for beautifully crafted storytelling, his journey is fuelled by spirituality and a profound love for the world and all it contains. Joe has innovated for the world’s biggest brands and is focusing his drive on Djaminn. This platform embodies the collaborative spirit and dynamic creativity that lies at the heart of artistic creation. Djaminn is a global community where musicians connect, inspire, and learn from each other.

CTO of the Djaminn Team

Dennis Maij

Since the start of the project Dennis is our captain of the development Djaminn team, managing all the different disciplines: Back-end, Front- end, Cloud services and so forth. Dennis is the technical spider in our web, and guides us to the best possible solutions. Dennis is also a musician, and knows the demands of music makers.

Southeast Asia Regional Manager - High energy member
Southeast Asia Regional Manager

Narisa Srilert

Narisa is a high energy member of the Djaminn team. She combines her passion for marketing with a newfound fascination for the world of music. Her primary focus is to leverage social expertise to support the growth and success of musicians in Southeast Asia.

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