Musicians Rights on Social Platforms, 3 Reasons it’s Important to you.

Taking an active stance in championing musicians’ rights, this blog post delves into the significance of protecting these rights in the digital age.

Musicians Rights on Djaminn

Musicians rights

A Truly Fair and Equitable Agreement

At Djaminn, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of fairness and equity. We take pride in creating an app ‘Made by Musicians, for Musicians’. We care about musicians rights on social platforms, like Djaminn.

First and foremost, when you initiate a song on Djaminn, you retain 100% of its copyright. No matter how many collaborators join the track. We firmly believe in respecting intellectual property, setting us apart and preserving your creative ownership.

Whether a song is produced in Private or Public mode, we want to assure you that the copyright always remains with the original composer. Our commitment to respecting your creative ownership is unwavering. On Djaminn, your work is yours, and we are here to support and celebrate your artistic journey.

Unlock the power of your music. Join Djaminn and embark on a journey where your rights are protected, your creativity flourishes, and your music finds its rightful place in the world.

Glossary of Terms:

  • Copyright: A legal concept that grants exclusive rights to the original creator of a work.
  • Mechanical Rights: The rights of musicians to receive compensation when their performances are used in a track.
  • Private Mode: A setting that allows musicians to retain control over their songs direction.
  • Public Mode: A setting that enables other musicians to contribute and share the song within their networks and on social channels, expanding its exposure and reach.