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Where your musical vision becomes reality.

It’s a platform that empowers you to create, collaborate, and connect in ways that were once unimaginable. On our Artist Platform, your music is not confined to your skills – it’s expanded by the talents of a global community.

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Elevate Your Songs with Collaboration and Video

Imagine this: you’ve composed a beautiful song, but you’re missing the perfect guitar riff or a soulful vocal to make it truly shine.

Enter Djaminn. You can upload your song and open it up for other musicians to contribute their unique talents. That means you can have a guitar solo added to your track, even if you’re not a guitarist.

It’s a real pleasure to add artists who have different styles, talents, and influences. Whether you lack certain skills or want to enhance your music, our artist platform makes it easy..

This is done through a familiar, easy-to-use interface, in a community of musicians from around the world. Creating songs is now a social, joyful process.

Express yourself on video

Capture the essence of your music-making journey with video, sharing the emotions and passion that drive your art.

Elevate your songs

Often we have a vision for a song, but we can’t play all the parts. Collaborate with real musicians who can add exactly what your song needs.

By Musicians, for Musicians

When you start a song on Djaminn, you retain 100% of its copyright. No matter how many collaborators join the track. We care about musicians rights

Join the Artist Platform

Be part of a community that celebrates collaboration, creativity, and the pure joy of making music together.

Find inspiration

With real musicians

Add yourself

To any song

Mix your song

With other musicians


Anywhere, anytime

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Anywhere, anytime

Guides to get you started

Make your first song

Make a song on the Artist Platform – Quickstart guide

This guide will get you started in 10 easy steps.
Get started.

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Djaminn the artist platform for musicians

Get your songs seen

Why good videos let your fans get closer to you – the artist

Bring your music to life and connect with your audience, with video.

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Djaminn Artist Platform
The Artist Platform for Music Lovers

Frequently asked questions

Is Djaminn free?
The Artist Platform for Music Lovers

Djaminn is completely free. That means free to download and free to use. There are no in app purchases or adverts. It is the perfect free app for musicians if they want to:

  • Express themselves creatively
  • Connect with other musicians
  • Build their audience
  • Start making songs
How can other musicians make my music better?
Djaminn is about collaborating with real musicians

Other musicians can make your music better by adding their unique talents and perspectives. For example, if you’re a singer-songwriter who lacks the skills to play the guitar, you can upload your song to Djaminn and have a guitarist add a solo. Or, if you’re a drummer who wants to add some vocals to your track, you can collaborate with a singer.

How do you start a new song?
How do I achieve good lighting?
Djaminn achieve good lighting
Why is video so important for music?
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