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Djaminn is a completely free mobile music creation app.
It is free to download djaminn, free to use. No in-app purchases or ads.

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With Djaminn you can:

Djaminn is the music collaboration platform that makes it easy to work with others on your music.

100% free, simple and straightforward, Djaminn is available on iPhone and Android. It’s incredibly quick to start making great songs.


Record your song easily. All on video.

Share with the world, for free, on the cloud.

Experience adding others to your song,

Djaminn is fully free

It is completely free to download Djaminn & free to use.
There are no in-app purchases or adverts.

I have lots of ideas for songs, but I cannot play the guitar, and sometimes I am searching for a beautiful vocal. Djaminn gives me all of this.

Alex D – UK

Djaminn gave me the confidence to share my music with the world, and I’ve been able to connect with new fans and collaborators.

Chisom – Kenya

Djaminn helped me connect with other musicians from all over the world and collaborate on a project that I’m really proud of.

Aditi – India

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Djaminn – The Artist Platform