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Music Creation App – Pick from the best 2 – Djaminn vs BandLab

Which music creation app is best for you? Djaminn and BandLab are two popular mobile apps. But which app is right for you?

Djaminn Start a song

Create a song on Djaminn in 16 steps – Best Beginners Guide

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to create a song on Djaminn, right from registration to sharing your completed song.


Great Music Video Performance – 5 tips

Great music video performances are more than just good visuals and sound quality; it also heavily depends on your performance.


Recording good audio – 5 tips

Recording good audio for your music videos is not a dark art. It is something that you can get right, with enough practise.


Lighting for music videos – 5 tips for a great look

Lighting for music videos is vital to get right, to gain traction on social media. Here are 5 tips lighting music videos beautifully.


Music Collaboration Apps: 5 Benefits

If you are a musician who is looking for new ways to connect with other musicians and create music, then a music collaboration app is a great option.

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